People love nice places.

And we love creating them: We arrange, construct and run a variety of gastronomy and leisure concepts, highly digitised and managed in keeping with the times.

After all, today is all about creating unforgettable experiences for each and every customer, accompanied by a valuable commitment to both our partners and our team.


With every step we take, we ask ourselves:

What are our guests expecting from us?

How can we exceed their expectations and offer them relaxing and inspiring retreats in the most vibrant parts of our cities?

The answer is rather simple: By giving it our best, every single day. That‘s what we have learned in our combined years of experience in gastronomy, hotel and real estate management.

At THE HOSTS GROUP, we are aiming to merge these areas of expertise, perfectly complemented by our partners at SAVVY Group.


With our gastronomy and leisure concepts, The Host Group is striving to surpass the dominant players in concept development in Germany‘s 7 largest cities. Our goal is to become industry leaders and first movers for gastronomy and leisure concepts of the future.


This is not supposed to be a wish list or some marketing gibberish. This is the foundation on which we are building on. It’s the sum of all of our knowledge, the good experiences, minus the bad ones. Additionally, some realizations we’ve made along the way. We believe that everyone who wants to achieve greatness needs clear guidance. Every person and every business. This is what we believe in:

We value transparency. In forming ideas, just as in taking action.

No policies. We communicate openly, directly and respectfully.

Experience beats rank. There’s profit in our individual strengths if we can look past hierarchy. We’re always hungry. For feedback, for success, and for change.

In the end, it‘s the people that matter. Be nice!

Because that’s where it all begins.