Our Name says it all.

The most notable commonality between members of THE HOSTS GROUP is our passion for hospitality. Putting this claim above all else is what enables us to overcome the countless, ever-changing obstacles with which we are being confronted on a day-to-day basis. It is also what makes our work so fulfilling, and, in our eyes, it is the only way to deliver on the commitment to quality we are bringing to both our customers and our partners.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our occupation is especially diverse, which is why it requires solid field experience and a multitude of skill sets. From gastronomy and real estate management to interior-design, lighting and composition. Every discipline is constantly changing and evolving, and so are we, enabling us to provide our customers with exactly the kind of experience that makes them eager to return time and time again.

Marian Büsch

Company Accountant & General Manager

As a representative of SAVVY Group Marian is responsible for all commercial issues and thus keeps the team of THE HOSTS GROUP’s back free so that they can focus on the successful implementation of the gastronomy concepts

Alexander Leicht

Corporate Chef & General Manager

As Head of taste, Alexander is responsible for both the physical and the spiritual well-being of our guests. Aroma, texture and flavourful plot-twists are his speciality. His creations have been on our menu, enriching our gastronomy concepts since day one.

In addition, Alex is responsible for all operational issues as well as product development. Thanks to his many years of experience in the hospitality industry, he brings the necessary know-how to give the innovative projects the necessary push forward.

Laurence Wilkes

Digital Manager

The digital revolution is enhancing the world of gastronomy in previously unimaginable ways. Thanks to Laurence’s expertise, our work is more than simply represented in a digital environment already. Designing core concepts around a digital age from the very start will give us a deciding advantage in a market that is changing ever more rapidly.

Angela Breil

Corporate Marketing & Social Media Manager

With a fable for brands and people, Angela is responsible for our entire communication. She has mastered Social Media, which is where she carrys our passion for hosting out into the world. On the side, she’s making sure that there’s always news hot off the press. She’s also constantly checking new channels for potentially interesting marketing opportunities.